Monday, February 15, 2010

Kenyan Police Disperse Gay Wedding

Kenya — Kenyan police officers broke up a gay wedding on Friday and arrested several wedding guests, saying they had to intervene before an irate mob could stone the wedding party to death.

Like many other countries in Africa, which are intensely — and officially — homophobic, Kenya outlaws homosexual behavior. Violations in Kenya are punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

“It’s culture, just culture,” said a Kenyan police spokesman, Eric Kiraithe, when asked to explain the intense feelings about homosexuality. “It’s what you are taught when you are young and what you hear in church. Homosexuality is unnatural. It’s wrong.”

Mr. Kiraithe said that the planned wedding between two men had been kept a secret, but that a group of local people found out just before it was to start in Kikambala, a beach town along Kenya’s white-sand coast. A mob quickly formed, and some outraged bystanders even shouted that the people at the wedding should be burned.

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Really makes me sick, when I read in the quote "...and what you hear in church. Homosexuality is unnatural. It’s wrong.”
I think that Jesus Christ, the founder of the christian faith, must really go mad, if he would see, what his followers made of his teachings and what today is preached in his name. From what I have learned he preached Love, specially Love to our fellowman. And "his" churches preaching today in his name hate. Very sad to see this, what a better place this world could be, if the christian people would come back to their roots of love, unconditional love. Feel really blessed and happy to found in the western world my approach and way into Buddhism, being free from such intolerant churches.

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