Monday, February 22, 2010

Naked sled race draws 14,000

A naked sledging event in Germany’s Harz region created a logistical nightmare over the weekend after 14,000 people showed up to watch 30 men and women strip before sliding down the mountain.

Normally the gentle slope in front of Braunlage’s town hall is a pretty quiet place during the winter. Beginning skiers practice their first turns, parents plop their children on sleds, and pensioners take some air.

But the scene was quite different on Saturday, when thousands unexpectedly turned out for a naked sledging contest sponsored by a radio station. Completely taken by surprise, authorities in the small town in Lower Saxony struggled to deal with the massive crowds.

“The traffic is huge problem for us,” complained Braunlage’s police chief Michael Huth.

But the logistical challenges didn’t keep around 30 contestants from stripping down to their panties or briefs and racing the 100-metre course on little red and black sledges. Many of the tanned racers looked more ready for the beach than the piste, as some even bared what had to be rather chilly nipple rings.

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I think some people must be really crazy to do something like this...

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  1. I wonder what would happen if such event would have happened in Uganda? Would they have Capital sentence to this naked racers too or they would love to have more because they love to be straight and hate Gay? Such a world of evil belief. God never hates anyone but loves anyone in action action and forgiveness. Does those hater really learn correctly of each sense of religion? I believe they convey in the wrong way.