Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back home from a fantastic exhibition visit in Cologne

Back home now from visiting the fantastic exhibition "Buthan - Sacred art of the Himalayas" at the Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne. Really enjoyed visiting this unique exhibition of art from Bhutan, sacred art which never left Bhutan before and is shown now on very few locations around the world. A very impressive collection of sacred statues and Thankas (Buddhist Iconography) which I could watch for hours, as they offer so much to discover. When I arrived at the museum it just opened and two monks from Bhutan were doing at a special altár in the museum a cleaning ceremony. Than I had some time to walk around and to enjoy the shown treasures of art, before I than joined a guided tour through the exhibiion with really good explanations about the shown objects. So much to see, that I even consider to go there again, before this exhibition leaves Germany at the end of May.

Before I left the museum I bought the german and the english catalogue about the exhibition, so that I can read at home more about the art shown there and can spend some time looking more detailed at this great artwork. The more comprehensive english catalogue is really great, showing each object displayed and giving detailed information about each object. The english catalogue even includes a DVD with a movie about Bhutan and the religous traditional dancing they perform there at the monestaries.

Think I will just relax now on the sofa and read through these catalogues and kind of going with their help through the exhibition again.

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