Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cinema: Henri 4

Tonight I went to the cinema to see the movie "Henri 4".

France 1563: Protestants and Catholics fighting in the name of faith for land and power. At the head of the Protestant Henri of Navarre equips against Paris, against the Catholics, against the powerful rival to his mother, Catherine de Medici, Queen of France. She offers him the hand of her daughter, Margot - as a sign of reconciliation - the marriage ends in a bloodbath. Henri survived. He is held in the Louvre as a prisoner, after four years, manages to escape. Five times he changes his faith, he is fighting and politicking. He does not want to leave the field to those who have no conscience and no humanity. On his way to the throne, he becomes a monarch, who can call himself one of the first one true humanist.

The film is based on two novel by Heinrich Mann, "The Youth of King Henri Quatre" (1935) and "The completion of King Henri Quatre" (1938).

Been a very good movie, complete german production with brilliant german actors. As the movie is based on two novels, not everything is totally correct regarding the true historic backgrounds. But enjoyed watching it. Just missed you a lot with me in cinema. Look forward to our time coming soon, when we will be able to enjoy cinema together. IMYSM!

On YouTube I found the trailer of this movie, as it is a german movie, the trailer is completely in German:

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