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Elegant, Individual, Eccentric, Creative – Men’s Fashion from Germany

For a long time its international image was one of respectability and excellent quality - the mainstay being the compact and ever so durable man's suit . Today German men's fashion has become much more versatile and innovative..
Among the leading creative designers we find people like Doris Hartwich, Dirk Schönberger, Kostas Murkudis, Michael Michalsky and Frank Leder. Premium labels like Boss, Joop!, Karl Lagerfeld, René Lezard and Strenesse Gabriele Strehle, alongside shirtmakers like Ign.

Joseph, van Laack and Seidensticker are doing good business all over the world. Europe's second largest manufacturer of men's fashions, Ahlers AG, has its headquarters in Herford. With all its various collections like Otto Kern, Baldessarini, Pierre Cardin, Pioneer, Gin Tonic it generated an annual turnover of 260 million euros for the year 2007.

Classic and individual
The Baldessarini label by Werner Baldassarini was launched by the former head of design and managing director of Hugo Boss in 2006 and has now managed to become one of the world's leading names in men's fashion. Although the father of the label retired from designing in 2008, the clothes still bear the hallmarks of his style. Baldessarini suits are not only tailored from the finest woollen materials, but also from silk and shirt fabric. The spectrum ranges from jackets made of brocade or Irish linen, outdoor jackets lined with goatskin, unusual kinds of leather like python or eel, right up to hand-sewn sneakers.

The designer, Doris Hartwich, creates what she calls "men's fashion for classic individualists" and has been doing so quite successfully for over twenty years now. She manages to unite classic forms - like the greatcoat, for example - with creative details like a side-seam sewn into the front of the garment. Doris Hartwich set up her men's fashion label in 1987. The designer documents her fashion in the most extraordinary, most elaborately produced collection books which in the meantime have become collector's items in themselves. Doris Hartwich also designed the corporate look for the Deutsche Bahn (German Rail).

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