Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fireplace for our living room

On Friday I ordered a fireplace for our living room, for a long time I dreamed of having such a fireplace in our home. Like the idea to watch the peacful fire, sitting there to read a book or watch TV. Look forward to the first time we will sit together by the fireside in our living room. ILYSM! Will be delivered to our home in approx. six weeks. Hope you will like it, think it brings a nice atmosphere to our home.

Some information from the website of the company who produces the fireplace about its technology and how it works:

Chantico Fire biofireplaces are the only patented technology of smokeless fire. The­ir safety has been confirmed with international certificates, such as: ­ ­­Ecologo, LGA.
30 years ago no one had heard of a cell phone, now look how this invention has revolutio­nized modern communication. Today we are witnessing the same revolution with the humble fireplace.

Chantico Fire's biofireplaces allow you to enjoy the beauty of a real fire, at the same time they produce no smoke, ash nor soot and they demand no chimney or additional installation.

Born out of a desire and need to provide an impeccable service while maintaining absolute quality, our first and foremost pledge is to alleviate the stress and worries of using the traditional fireplace.

Our goal is to help make using the fireplace as simple and as enjoyable as possible.

From the initial concept, to the addition of the last piece, Chantico Fire is the embodiment of professionalism and creativity. We believe that the creation of the perfect fireplace lies in the attention to detail. By combining the beauty of fire itself, proper lines, textures, colors and shapes our innovative team will help you create your ideal living space by offering a selection of fresh and new ideas of a fireplace that best suit your needs, style and budget.

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  1. Wow, thats way cool. When you both on holidays, we like to take care of your home, to spend some nice and romantic evenings at the fireplace. :-)
    Martin and Alexander