Thursday, March 4, 2010

Munich hosts homosexual job fair

Europe’s first career fair for homosexuals comes to Munich this weekend. Moritz Honert from Der Tagesspiegel spoke with the founder of Milk 2010 about job prospects for gays and lesbians in Germany.

There are less dangerous places for coming out of the closet than Singapore.

Swede Anders Wikberg knew this when he lived in there for a year in 2003. Homosexuals in country are threatened with a several-year prison sentence, but Wikberg finally had enough.

“I just didn’t want to lie anymore,” he says.

In hindsight, it was good decision. The openness not only strengthened his relationship to friends and family, but also helped his career. Before he’d often been afraid admitting he was gay would lead to trouble.

“Since I no longer have to constantly watch out for what I say, I can concentrate much better,” he says.

Today the 31-year-old lives in Munich. There he no longer fears a prison sentence like in Singapore, but still feels that the professional lives of gays and lesbians isn’t always made easy in Germany.

“Many firms consider themselves open, but it doesn’t appear so to me at all,” he says.

That’s why together with his business partner Stuart B. Cameron, Wikberg brought “Milk 2010” to life – which he says it Europe’s first career fair especially for homosexuals. The takes place on Friday and Saturday in Munich for the first time.

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