Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Phnom Penh must do more against rape & sexual violence: Amnesty

On International Women's Day, Amnesty International called on the Cambodian government to take steps to combat a rise in rape and acts of sexual violence against Cambodian women and children.

Amnesty International says the Cambodian government must act against the growing problem of rape and sexual violence against women and children.

Amnesty’s report, titled "Breaking the Silence", says bribe-taking, impunity and a lack of services for rape victims in Cambodia worsen the problem.

It adds that widespread corruption in the police, judiciary and medical services means that victims – most of whom are poor – have little chance of pursuing justice.

Impunity is the main problem

Brittis Edman, Amnesty’s country’s specialist, says the system as it stands allows most perpetrators to walk free and even to commit more crimes. And that shows others that they too can get away with rape.

She says the government must denounce rape, since society needs to see that crimes involving sexual violence are not acceptable.

"The most important recommendation is that we ask the government to speak out and condemn publicly and repeatedly rape", Edman explains. "This is to show that it’s not tolerated. They have to do it because of the lack of social sanction."

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