Sunday, March 7, 2010

Window shopping in Bochum

Sunday evening, after being nearly the complete weekend at home, resting and relaxing due to my bad health condition, I decided this evening to walk from our home to the city center of Bochum to have some fresh air, see something different and do some window shopping. Literally window shopping because stores and shops are closed here in Germany on every Sunday. Right now I have a break at a pub calked "Biercafe", never been there before, but as this is a place where our friends Dirk and Inge like too go, I thought I go there to see what it is like. Having a Krefelder beer (dark Alt beer with coke), a Whisky and a dinner snack (German potato salad with Burger).
While walking through Bochum I had to think so much of our time here together in August, even passing by some places where we have been together, like the turkish snack place. Remember? You liked the Kebap we had there. IMYSM!!!

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  1. And what does it look like to do window shopping in Cambodia? We miss some reports from Cambodia. ;-)
    Martin and Alexander