Thursday, April 15, 2010

14th Apr - 1st day of Khmer New Year

Yesterday, I had a trip with friends and friends of friend to Bokor National Park. During the Khmer New Year starting from 14-17th of April, a lot of people in the city in Phnom Penh would go to homeland to meet their family and relatives who live in their homeland. Most of City people prefers to go to Resort or holiday place where they can enjoy the view and relax with family.

On the first day of Khmer New Year, 14th Apr, I had a trip with my former colleague andd friends to visit Bokor National Park. It was good to be there. The normal temperature on the low land is about 38 during noon time but at the top cliff of Bokor Mountain, it is about 17-20 degree. It is almost half cooler than the low land. I really like the view and temperature there as it reminded me a lot of my memory with my Sweetie Prinz in Germany in August. Some photos of the place for your view. The cliff of the Bokor is estimated about 1200 meters of sea level. Around 1 hours drive from the bottom to the top of the cliff.


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  1. Hi, so the road to Bokor is open again? Can you give any details of road conditions, whether there are restrictions, or any other logistical issues? Did you take any photos? Thanks.
    Richard Hintz