Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DVD: The splendor of Angkor Wat

This evening I watched a DVD of the National Geographic Society called "The splendor of Angkor Wat". Really a well done documentary with interesting facts about history, telling the story of two men, who discovered and wrote about the ancient city and temples of Angkor Wat. Enjoyed watching it a lot and felt so many memories of our visit there.

Angkor to the world existed only in the form of obscure travel accounts, till the Frenchman Henri Mouhot in the 19 Century discovered the legendary temple in search of new species just by accident. The people that lived here were called the Khmer. For over 550 years they have disappeared. Mouhot was fascinated by the builders of this giant plant. To him they were truly enlightened.

Writings of Zhou Dagoun - a diplomat from China, who lived in the 13th Century - confirm the welfare of the inhabitants of Angkor. Dagoun tells of a thriving city full of unbelievable wealth. However, after pillaging and plundering Angkor was abandoned in 1431.

The documentary is telling the story of these two men and what they had discovered and wrote about.

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