Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

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Source photo Frohe Ostern egg heart:

As in Germany we celebrate now Easter, a Happy Easter or as we say over here "Frohe Ostern" to our friends, all those who visit our blog and most of all to my very precious and special prince. ILYSM!

Easter Love Poem:

The Source! Of the blinding lustre of the midnight stars
That declares its presence
The sheer dominance and the daring beauty!
Capturing the human heart ; old and young alike and mine in particular!
My eyes dwell, looking up and smile these endearing white diamonds
which perch themselves across the warm April skies
as I enjoy the bond they share with the peeping moon…

who can deny that love fills my heart.
And my feelings for you sinks even deeper
And in the moment, my soul is sustained with the whisper in the breeze;
Caressing my face .your countenance I adore!
I close my eyes …yet you manage to steal my abiding teardrop;
Absorbing it in your earthly formed dust beneath my feet.
We connect!
I notice the warmth of your touch
I wish you close..
Yet you couldn't be to me even more closer!

You've always been.
I don't want to move!
I wish to stand here and share this forever….
Then my lips gently speaks
And my knees instantly grow weak
Yes! I've grown and I'm a man enough to say and understand
That now more than ever…..
"I love you"
"I truly fallen more in love with you today.."
As surely as the light is to the day
I pledge and pray
I'll be yours till eternity gives up on its promise of being forever!
I surely can never deny


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  1. You both are such romantic guys, really nice poem. Sure that SH loved this special message for him.
    Many thanks for all the easter greetings, we hope you both enjoyed these days. A late happy easter to you both.
    Martin and Alexander