Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stupa Bochum, Germany

During lunch break I visited the Stupa in Bochum and spend some nice time there walking around it. Really nice to have such a Stupa here in Bochum.

The Bochum Enlightenment Stupa was built in the period from March 2006 to May 2007 as part of a student project of the Rudolf Steiner Waldorf School in Bochum. The task was to plan as part of a so-called "years of work" a project to build and document. Lama Ole Nydahl confirmed place and the date for the project and gave his blessing for the project. Lama Ole has been continuously informed about the construction. On 29.10.07 he then personally blessed the stupa.

The stupa building was ceremonially best served by Geshe Nawang Thapkhe, a Lama of the Gelug tradition. Both Geshe-la, and Lama Ole knew each other and supported the work as best they could under their individual conditions.

On 19.05.07 it was done: Along with over 150 visitors the stupa was inaugurated by Geshe-la.

More information about the Stupa can be found on this site (in German):

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