Monday, April 5, 2010

The Teacher – in Touch with Enlightenment

Now these days of inspiration and learning are already over, really was a great event on Buddhism here in Bochum. The last lecture of this event just is ending, a lecture by Lama Ole Nydahl on "The Teacher – in Touch with Enlightenment". On the Diamondway the relationship between Teacher and student has a special meaning, because in the past centuries it has been evident that a good and close connection guarantees a fast development.
He, who teaches the Diamondway, has a great responsibility. Lama Ole Nydahl says: "On the highest level, one needs to be an example to others and in every moment to represent the Teachings of Buddha." Lama Ole was inspired by his own teachers, whom he met in the Himalayas end of the 60's. He describes it as follows; "It was the teachers themselves. Their lucid, human properties and the ability to benefit all beings in here and now. They had experienced mind and were deeply convincing." He taught this lecture by sharing the life story and transmissions of all Karmapas with us. Very great to learn all this through the examples and enlightment of the Karmapas.

It was a short lecture, more a continuation of last nights lecture.

Lama Ole taught us than about the Boddhisatva promise and took the Boddhisatva promise from us. A big promise but also blessing.

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