Sunday, May 9, 2010

First forecast on election in our state

Now on TV a little bit more reliable forecast on the elections in our state:

CDU (conservative) 34,2%
SPD (social democrats) 34,8%
Green Party 12,4%
FDP (liberal party) 6,5%
Linke (left, former communist party) 5,6%

Still will take a while till we have a final result. But if this first forecast will be confirmed and will be close to the final result, we would have a result which will lead to a new government in our state. The conservative governor lost the election and it seems we will get a first Lady as governor in our state, from the left social democratic party. Now we have to see if the social democrats can get a majority together with the green party or what kind of coalition will form the government in our state parliament.

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