Monday, May 17, 2010

Germany spared volcanic ash cloud - for now

The volcanic ash cloud from Iceland that is once again crippling air traffic across Europe will likely spare German airports for the immediate future, the German Weather Service (DWD) reported on Monday.

According to the service’s latest data, there is “no danger for German airports until the coming night at midnight,” spokesperson for the DWD air traffic centre Sabine Bork told news agency DPA.

At that point the problem will likely continue to diminish thanks to favourable weather patterns, she added.

“We’ll get a southwesterly air stream over Iceland,” she said. “That means that the ash cloud isn’t gone, it just won’t be over central Europe and will instead be blown somewhere over the North Sea.”

Over the weekend European air traffic – particularly in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium – was crippled once again by ash spewing from the Eyjafjallajökul volcano. On Monday morning most British airports were allowed to reopen, but the Amsterdam airport remained closed until 2 pm. Belgium’s Ostende airport was also expected to stay closed until afternoon.

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Really hope, that all this will cause no problem tomorrow, to get my flight to Phnom Penh in the late afternoon. Wish I could be already on the plane. IMYSM!

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