Friday, May 21, 2010

Morning in Phnom Penh

This morning, after our breakfast in the Hotel and after you left for office, I walked from Sunway Hotel towards the Independence Monument. Pretty hot weather and I sweat a lot, but really enjoy walking around in Phnom Penh.

On the way, I stopped by the Monument Bookstore on Norodom Blvd. and bought two books there. One is called "god loves bakla" and is the story of a young closeted Filipino gay man who despaired why God had given him such a heavy cross to bear. After three decades of hiding his true self from the world, in an odyssey of self-discovery that passes through Singapore, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, he finally realizes that God wants him to have life to the full, and that this actually means coming out. I read about this book a while ago, it is published in Cambodia and so far I remember the author is now living with his partner in Cambodia. Curious to read this. The second book I found there is called "Cambodian Buddhism" and explains the History and Practice of Buddhism in Cambodia, also very keen on reading this, to learn more about my second home, Cambodia.

When walking around I passed by your office and thought how lovely it is just to be here. Back in the Hotel than I had some fruit juice and talked with two guys from the United States, very friendly guys who work for a health project here in Cambodia, being here for the first time. But also really "funny" to notice how less they know about the world outside of the United States. They even ask me if German is the second languages besides English to be spoken in Germany.
Now I am in our Hotel room, updating a little bit our blog and waiting for you, to arrive soon to have lunch together. Really great to have our meals together, enjoy that so much.

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