Friday, May 21, 2010

University graduates pick Audi as best place to work

Germany’s most attractive employer among this year's crop of university graduates is Ingolstadt-based luxury carmaker Audi, a survey showed this week.

Published in by monthly Manager Magazin, the survey of 21,000 engineering, business and economics students found that despite the serious challenges facing the auto industry, German car companies dominated the rankings because they “stand for innovation and dynamism.”

Berlin-based consulting company Trendence, which conducted the study, found that behind Audi, the next most popular German employers were BMW, Lufthansa, Porsche, Siemens and Deutsche Bank. Volkswagen also jumped from 17th to 9th place in this year’s survey.

The top five companies that fell into the coveted “High Potential” group for business and economic students were US-based consulting companies Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey, followed by Lufthansa, Audi and the German Foreign Office. Engineers chose Audi, Bosch, BMW, Siemens and Porsche for this category.

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