Saturday, May 22, 2010

Visiting the "Killing fields" near Phnom Penh

This morning we visited the "Killing fields" near Phnom Phen, a Genocide memorial place, where the Red Khmer killed thousands of their fellow people in a very cruel and sad way. Very touching to see this place and even still feel the suffering of many people there. Hard to find words, for what we have seen there.
Part of the memorial place is a huge Stupa, which is filled with numberless bones of victims of this inhuman regime. I took the time to walk three times around the Stupa, based on a Buddhist tradtion, speaking the Mantra of the Buddha of limitless light, for the dead and in their memory, showing respect to this place and the suffering it brought to so many families and cambodian people.

On our way back to the Hotel we had some lunch, at a restaurant of a charity organisation which helps street and dump kids to get a education and find their way into life. Good that such organisations are able to work in Cambodia, I have a big respect for all their efforts. From there just back to the Hotel, spending some time to rest and relax together, before we leave soon for dinnner and prepare our stuff and suitcases for our flight tomorrow to Bali.

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