Sunday, June 6, 2010

26,000 raise their voices to fill the Ruhr region with song

Around 26,000 singers filled the Ruhr region with song on Saturday, singing at the same time at 600 concerts from Duisburg to Hamm.

The concerts were held on the street, in parks, in concert halls and opera houses as well as shopping centres, kindergartens and churchs.

Nearly all the 53 towns and cities in the Ruhr metro region took part in the ‘Sing – Day of Song’ event as part of its 2010 cultural capital status, organisers said on Saturday.

One of the largest choirs was expected in front of the Bochum town hall where around 1,300 singers were expected to show up.

Among the songs sung across the region was Herbert Grönemeyer’s regional hymn Komm zur Ruhr - come to the Ruhr.


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