Saturday, June 5, 2010

Durians due for facelift

Few fruits, if any, raise as much emotion as the Southeast Asian durian. It’s both venerated and reviled, mainly because of its pungent smell. Most travellers in the region bemusedly recall signs in hotels and public transport banning the fruit.

I first discovered the dreaded durian during the 1970s while scouting new backpacker locations for Qantas Airways, and in my room at a Surabaya hotel I noticed a sign saying, “No smelly fruits in room.”

Enquiring further as to what this meant, I was introduced to the concept of the durian, and after sampling it I wondered why on earth anyone would want to take one to a hotel room anyway.

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When I read this article so many memories came to my mind, from our day tour in Bali and how we stopped to have some Durian together, so that I could try it for the first time. It is like yesterday, that we have been there. Remember everything so well. IMYSM!

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