Saturday, June 19, 2010

MacBook Pro - good bye Windows

As our Windows netbook crashed on Friday, all of a sudden, only being just a year old, I felt so annoyed and upset about this Windows operating system and Windows PC´s, which always caused trouble, since I am using a PC, that I decided to quit this operating system and move to a Apple operating system and device. Was really driving me nuts, that all of a sudden our netbook was not able to find a operating system and whatever I tried, to start Windows in all different kind of mode and some other things, it just was not working anymore. This happened to often, over the last years and no it is enough for me. So I got a Apple MacBook pro, as for many years I heard so many good things about the Apple operating system and the hardware, that I thought now it is time to get rid of Windows. Now as I used and played around with this new laptop for two days, I get really excited. OK, some things I need to get used to, as I still have the complicated Windows operating system in my mind as a habit, but now I discover how easy to use a operating system can be and how smooth Hardware and Software can work together. I really regret, that I did not move earlier from Windows to Apple. It is just a complete new experience and one thing is sure, in our home comes never again a Windows PC.

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