Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reading Magazines on the iPad

Spending a relaxed evening at home on the sofa, reading different Magazines, very comfortable on the iPad. Very amazing, how nice it is to read them and how some of them include videos as part of the article.

So spend some time reading a older issue of the Time Magazine with an very interesting article and title story on Steve Jobs, Apple and the iPad. Than I had a look at the english issue of the current GQ Magazine.
After that I read in the current issue of "Der Spiegel", a well known and high quality, weekly German News Magazine. And finally just a quick look at the current issue of "Prinz Ruhrgebiet" a monthly Magazine, with News and Information about events, culture and parties in our home region, the Ruhrgebiet.
Really enjoyed reading tonight. By the way, the photos are actually screenshots taken on our iPad, found out, how to do that, so I don't need to take any blur photos with the mobile cam anymore to show something from the iPad.

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