Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boyfriend, First Gay Novel In Khmer Language

I heard about Mak SUONG few years ago. He also got a blog that written in Khmer language. I interested in him about his writing. He wrote a lot of short story and novel. Some of his novels already published and available at book shop.

The latest novel from Mak is surprising a lot of readers due to its subject that talked about young Cambodian gays (man loves man). You might see the Khmer film called “WHO AM I” that cover the topic on lesbian (woman loves woman). Mak have watched this video during his home visit in Cambodia. Then the writing of new novel has started and he finished the novel during a month of his holiday. He is currently living in Laos for his study on Laos literature. He didn’t have chance to learn Khmer literature in Cambodia. It is because he need the scholarship to support his study. Laos scholarship has helped him to continue his study.

Here a interview made with him via Facebook, by

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