Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom, we miss you...

Today is the 83rd birthday of my mother. Although she passed away 17 years ago, she is still alive in our hearts. Specially on such days, many memories come to my mind, how we celebrated as family together her birthday. How the whole family came together to celebrate with her and to make her a nice day. Even remember some of the gifts, paintings I made for her, when I was a little boy. Remember very well that she made always some great strawberry cakes on her birthday for us. Even on her own birthday, her main focus was always to spoil us and to prepare us a lovely day. Maybe that is something I have from her, that I love to spoil those I care about and love. She never thought much about herself, my Dad and we as her children came always first. A loving mother can not be replaced and I think I will miss her all my life. Wish she still would be there to welcome you as her son into the family, I know she would support us and embrace us.

Now only these memories are left and a grave to bring her some flowers and candles...

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