Saturday, August 21, 2010

First experience with the iPhone 4

Since the iPhone 4 arrived yesterday, I spend some time to play around with it, to configure it, to install and arrange software on it and to make first experiences with it.

Some of them I want to share here. First of all, so far in this short time of usage I had no problem at all with the antenna. The voice quality at calls is very excellent, in fact after this short time using it, I must admit that this is the best phone I ever had, really great device. Tried many functions with it, only one I could not try yet, which is FaceTime, the video call function. Curious to try this soon. Of course also changed the background photo to a personal photo to remind me of someone very special (not shown in the attached screenshots). The display and its quality is really amazing.

Here are some of my favorite applications I installed and I think some of them are really a must have for the iPhone:
Occasions: shows and reminds of family and friends birthdays, besides this national or religious holidays can also be shown

Facebook: of course to stay in contact with friends on the move

Skype: good for mobile chat and also to send sms messages or make skype calls

IM+: a great messenger application, so many different messengers can be used with one application

WhatsApp: really a must have, just great to send and share messages to friends, who use this application also. Is like sending sms, but with much more features and even the possibilities to send photos. Nice tool, because to send this messages no fee must be paid, so kind of sms sending for free.

Langenscheidt Dictionary: very excellent English - German / German English dictionary, even possible to use it for vocabulary training and to listen to audio files for help on pronounciation.

Channel News Asia: good application to stay updated on news and even video reports from my favorite asian news TV station - Channelnews Asia

Weather: Like also the pre installed weather application, for forecast on Phnom Penh and Bochum

WDR Radio: the local WDR radio stations, well done application, great to be able to listen now everywhere in the world to them

iPod: now I have all my music and even some of my favorite movies on the iPhone, so can take them everywhere with me, no need for a iPod anymore

Navigon Europe: Great GPS navigation system and maps for the whole of Europe, seems that I need to get a car mount and charger for the iPhone to use it than more comfortable in the car, also as navigation solution

uTalk Khmer: A nice, little language course to learn a little bit Khmer terms and phrases

Lunation: moon calendar, nice tool

This are just a few examples, of some of my favorite applications on the iPhone. But besides this also others already in use and this is just the beginning to discover other, useful tools.

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