Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Manga comic boosts sale of French wines

A manga comic featuring French vintages has led to a boom in the sale of certain French wines. However, not all of the winemakers are taking advantage of the sudden interest from Asian wine lovers.

The worlds of Japanese manga comics and French vintage wines could not be further apart. But one of the most successful mangas at the moment - "The Drops of God," which features existing vintages available on the market - has created a wine craze in Japan and Korea and made a few wine makers into some very surprised stars.

The manga comic has also been adapted into a television series, which has become a huge success. In both versions of "The Drops of God," the son of a recently deceased wine critic pits himself against his father's adopted son to prove himself the worthy heir to his father's vast wine collection.

The son, however, has no knowledge of the wine business. Unlike his adopted brother, he has not received an education from his father in vintages, grape varieties, chateaux and all the rest. What he does have, as they say in the trade, is a nose. That asset makes him a real rival in the search for 12 wines his father calls "the apostles" and a 13th he calls "the drops of God."

Seven million people watched the final episode of the TV series where it was revealed that "the drops of God" were, in fact, a 2003 Chateau Le Puy.

Surprise reaction

Several thousand miles away, in a sleepy village in the Bordeaux wine region, wine-maker Pascal Amoreau had no idea that his wine had just come up on the screen or what was about to hit him.

"We received 150 orders the following day by email, by fax, by telephone," Amoreau told French public radio. "Our agent in Japan told us that our wine had been elected as 'the drops of God.' That's how we found out what was going on."

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