Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ping - Social Media for Music. I joined and use it!

Besides new devices and iPhone / iPad software updates, Apple announced yesterday its move into social media, by integrating Ping, a social media / network for music, into its popular iTunes software.

I think a very smart and good move, as so many people worldwide use iTunes for their music on Mac and Windows Pc´s. So I also donwloaded the new iTunes 10 software which is already available for free and activated my Ping profile in there.

It is possible to choose if everyone who is interested can follow me or only those I approve. In fact I decided to approve who can follow me, as I prefer that just my friends can follow me. Also very nice is the connection with the iPhone, meaning that Ping is now integrated into the iPhone iTunes application, so that it is possible to post messages on the go and follow friends and their music activities on the mobile.

The profile shows favorite songs, musicians, comments I write on music or musicians, concerts I migth attend and much more. Also I can follow my friends on the profile, can see what music they recently like and can comment on that.

So I can get an overview of friends activities but also musicians can really nicely use this platform to communicate with their fans and share information, photos and more with them.

Pretty sure that many musicians will use this tool in the future to create their Ping page, to communicate concert dates, concert photos and news about new album and projects to their fans.

Ping is a great tool for social media for music, hope that many of my friends will join, so that we can share our comments on music, our favorite songs and be connected.

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iTunes 10 with the integrated Ping social media for music is available as a free Download for Mac and Windows PC at:

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