Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Animal Disaster Fund: When it rains...

It’s been a wet couple of months around the world. In Nicaragua, a series of tropical storms has left a significant animal welfare need, particularly in the district of Malacatoya: flood waters there have not receded and there is a risk of disease and malnutrition. We’re funding a programme of feed and veterinary care for 2,650 animals (200 horses, 400 cattle, 200 pigs, 1,500 chicken, 350 dogs), and helping 400 families. We’re doing this in collaboration with a local group, Fundación Amarte, as well as the Nicaraguan Army and Civil Defence.

We’re keeping up our work in Haiti, too. 5,063 animals were treated in September – that’s an average of 203 animals per day. In total, we’ve treated 36,813 animals and vaccinated 25,406 animals in Haiti since our work began there.

In Thailand, heavy rainfall has flooded the west of the country, especially the two provinces of Petchburi and Karnchanaburi. 10,000 cattle need emergency feed after stockpiles were washed away and grazing land submerged. So far no diseases or deaths have been reported. Two members of the Disaster Management team in Bangkok travelled to the region over the weekend to assess the situation and we will have more information from their report this week.

Tropical depressions in central Vietnam have killed 66 people and displaced 57,580, and damaged agricultural infrastructure in Quang Binh and Ha Tinh. Figures available so far indicate that nearly 31,000 cattle, 14,000 pigs, and 573,000 poultry have been killed. Damian Woodberry from our Asia office will travel to Vietnam to meet the local Disaster Liaison Officers, governmental departments and NGOs, and determine the scale of the animal need.

Meanwhile, another typhoon is approaching the Phillippines and we’re monitoring its movements.


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