Saturday, October 16, 2010

DVD shopping

Just back home now, did some window shopping at the city center of Bochum and went to the Saturn technic store, bought some DVD movies there. Was really surprised to see in their DVD department some special place with only Asian movies, wow.
The movies I bought are:
- Magnolias of Steel, one of my favorite movies, want to have that in our collection
- Green Tomatoes, also very excellent movie
- The picture of Dorian Gray, curious to see that, as the book is one of my favorite classics of world literature
- Der bewegte Mann, a German movie, based on a gay cartoon, very funny movie
- Innocent, a Asian gay love story and coming out movie, received many awards and critics speak of a wonderful poetic movie, also curious to see this one

As we have a very rainy weekend and also cold season, I think I will have a relaxed movie weekend at home.

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