Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Negotiate to get what you want

Interesting quote from todays Phnom Penh Post. A article about negotiating skills talks also about negotiation and communication by email.

"In the adult world, much negotiation takes place via email. “Emails are tricky because they have very little tone,” said Diamond. “They’re like tofu; they take on the flavour of whatever the recipient is feeling.” The answer? To add the tone back in. “Start with something like ‘Please hear this email as friendly’,” he suggested. “It will help soften the mood.” Other tips include starting an email with a line of small talk, being upfront if you’re in a bad mood, approximating the other person’s communication style, and keeping emails short."

I think there is a lot of truth to this, sometimes when communicating by email, the receipient might take some sentence as aggressive or unfriendly, but in fact the sender did not intend this and was writing this in a good, friendly mood. Think thats the big problem of written messages and communication, that sometimes misunderstandings can happen very easily, as it is not possible to see and talk with the sender and understand through this much better his mood and intention.

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