Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday morning shopping

Spend some time this morning for cloths shopping here in Bochum, very different to shopping in Cambodia on Russian market though. Went to Baltz, my favorite cloths and fashion store here in Bochum, they have a big choice and excellent service there.

I bought:
- 2 Polo neck sweater, good to wear in the approaching winter season. One in Bordeaux red and one in light nice brown color
- 6 pair of Hilfinger socks in black, the ones you also like so much. ;-)
- 12 cotton handkerchiefs
- 3 pair of Calvin Klein cotton stretch underpants

Besides this I also made a appointment at a good optician for some eye check, to get than a new pair of glasses as I really need some new ones urgently.

And besides all this some more window shopping in some other shops.

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