Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Singer with Cambodian roots reach top 5 of German casting show

The singer Anthony Thet reached yesterday evening in Germany´s casting show X-Factor the Top 5. Anthony Thet has Cambodian roots, his father is Cambodian and was send by Prince Sihanouk to Germany to study classical music. Anthony Thet is 30 and was born in Germany. Already at a very early age he discovered his passion for music.

Source Photo: JAN PYKO

With the group "Asher Lane" he performed in 2006 a song which reached the charts and was used for Nivea TV advertisements broadcasted in 90 countries. Now he tries to get his solo breakthrough by competing in the German casting show X-Factor.

Anthony Thet´s website:

Video of Anthony Thet performing in yesterdays show:

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