Thursday, October 7, 2010

Whisky tasting

Yesterday evening I met with Dirk, a good friend, for a nice Whisky tasting in our home. We had a great time talking, listening to some good music and watching the Latter-Days movie while we were trying different kind of Whiskies.

We also tried the Red Eagle Whisky I bought in Phnom Penh to take it home with me. We were curious to see what a Cambodian Whisky taste like, but as spoiled Whisky fans did not expect to much, to be honest. The Red Eagle can maybe be used to mix with Coke, but to drink it pure it taste not really good and can not be compared to the excellent taste of Scottish Whisky. So not really a Whisky choice for me.

The one we both really liked a lot during this fun time together was the Scottish Ben Riach Whisky, really a great one.

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