Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taipei's gay pride parade attracts 30,000

While gay rights activists seem to be struggling in mainland China, Taiwan's homosexual scene is experiencing a renaissance. People from all over Asia took to the streets of Taipei to rally for gay rights on the weekend.

Around 30,000 activists and supporters marched in what the Taiwanese media are calling the largest gay pride parade ever to have taken place in Asia on Saturday.

It was Taipei’s eighth annual gay pride event and came just weeks before big elections. Hoping to raise political awareness, the organizers of this year’s parade themed it "out and vote".

An ardent supporter of the parade, Hank Xu said he was pleased to see support for the parade growing and pointed out that it had not always been easy to speak out as a homosexual in Taiwan.

He said there had been many changes since the first march in 2002, in which only 500-600 people participated.

"It has become more normal in the past two to three years and people are less afraid. Before people used to wear masks but hardly anyone does now. Most gay people were afraid to participate because they were afraid of being ostracized."

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Bisexual, lesbian, gay and heteros marched on the streets of Taipei at a rally themed "out and vote"
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