Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wedding application

Been today at the registry office here in Germany. They accepted all documents and will send them now for evaluation to the German embassy in Phnom Penh. Another milestone accomplished on our way towards our wedding day and life together. ILYSM


  1. Hello!

    I found a picture on your website of the Opening of the Apple Store, and its very cool for a project i'm making about Technology and how it helps being Creative. I was wondering if i have permission to use it.

    This is the photo -

    The first picture on top.

    This is the video i'm working on -

    If there's any problems in using the photo, i'll remove it from the video, ok?

  2. Hello,
    thanks for you comment and question. Of course you can use this photo from our blog for your video project. Thats fine, no problem with that.
    By the way, I like the video you created.