Thursday, December 2, 2010

Airports close as Europe is hit by icy weather

Snowfalls and freezing weather have hit Europe with a vengeance. The cold conditions have already claimed at least nine lives and caused considerable disruption to travel.

Freezing temperatures and snow have affected much of Europe, claiming several lives and disrupting travel. For much of Germany it has been the coldest December 1 in decades.

Thermometers in Berlin clocked minus 10.9 degrees Celsius (12.3 degrees Fahrenheit) overnight, marking the coldest start to December in almost 80 years, while the most populous - and usually one of the most temperate - of Germany's states, North-Rhine Westphalia, experienced its chilliest December 1 since 1973.

Germany's largest airport, in Frankfurt, reported that very few flights were disrupted by the weather, after the icy temperatures had forced the major hub to cancel almost 300 take-offs and landings on Tuesday. Roughly 60 flights were cancelled Wednesday, but a spokesman for the airport said this was largely a spillover from the previous day's chaos.

Munich airport, however, was forced to cancel some 250 flights on Wednesday afternoon.

The roads in Germany remained largely clear, considering the conditions, although shops and markets around the country were beginning to complain of missing or late stock deliveries as truck drivers battled against the elements.

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