Monday, December 13, 2010 victim of possible hacker attack

Web retailer Amazon went down in Germany for at least half an hour on Sunday evening, prompting speculation that it was the latest victim of a wave of Wikileaks-related hacker attacks.

Along with several other western European countries, Germany’s could not be accessed for an extended period of time – a serious blow during the busy Christmas shopping period.

It was not certain that hackers caused the crash and Amazon blamed the problem on a hardware fault. However, Amazon is thought to be a target for so-called “hacktivist” supporters of the whistle-blower internet platform.

Wikileaks also could not be accessed in France, Britain and Spain.

Amazon had previously banned Wikileaks from its servers. Critics have suggested they did so under pressure from the US government, though Amazon denied this, saying that Wikileaks breached the internet firm’s conditions of use.

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