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Rollmops- Pickled Herring Fillets.

Does anyone like fish? Here is a excellent recipe to try if your in Germany, Rollmops can be purchased in most European stores in the US, but eating it where

The Rollmops is a herring fillet, ready to eat without bread or unrolling, that originated from Germany, often served in jars or tubes, the process is a very simple one actually in which its being marinated in white vinegar, water ( Wasser) and spices ( Gewürze), sometimes it contains sugar or onions ( Die Zwiebeln) with mustard seed.

As to why it was invented in such a way in the first place, we must go back in history.

During the medieval times, transporting food was a delicate matter; keeping it fresh the idea to pickle products was a staple of northern Europe during that time.

In this case, the herring was fished in the Baltic Sea, prepared and packed in wooden barrels

The herring would be prepared then packed ( Verpackt ) in barrels for storage or transportation.

The term comes from rollen, meaning, “to roll up” in German, and moppen, meaning, “sour face” in Dutch.

Rollmops grew very popular in Berlin Germany during the 19th century and sources indicate the Berlin area producing the best Rollmops.

During this time, in pubs in Old Berlin, it was common to have high-rising glass display cases (Hungerturm, meaning “hunger tower”) on the bar to present ready-to-eat dishes like lard bread, salt eggs, meatballs, mettwurst (bacon sausage) and of course rollmops.

Rollmops are usually held together with a toothpick or skewer. More than one toothpick or skewer may also be used per piece to help hold everything together.

At the present time, rollmops are commonly served as part of the German Katerfrühstück (hangover breakfast), which is believed to restore some electrolytes.


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