Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just How Open Is Your Internet? [INFOGRAPHICS]

America, the champion of democracy and freedom, actually has more Internet censorship than some countries in Africa and South America according to an infographic based on Internet censorship research conducted by the OpenNet Initiative.

The U.S. and Canada are listed as “some censorship” along with much of Western Europe. Russia and Australia ranked lower as “Under Surveillance,” while China and parts of the Middle East ranked at the bottom for “Pervasive Censorship.”

As for what kinds of content is censored, the research found that “blogs” were the most censored content at 20% while “militant groups” only ranked at 1%. Surprisingly, locally focussed NGOs tied for third-most censored at 9%.

Just How Open Is Your Internet? [INFOGRAPHICS]

Interesting study and very interesting to zoom into the map. According to this study we have in Germany, in fact the whole of Europe, "some censorship" of the Internet, while in Cambodia for example is "no censorship" and Thailand is marked red, like Australia and Russia, meaning that the Internet is "under surveillance" in these countries, while for example China and Vietnam besides other countries is marked as countries with the highest level of censorship.

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