Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Protected by the Cloud: G Data CloudSecurity - Free browser plug-in blocks dangerous websites

The majority of computer malware is distributed via the Internet today. However, users of free security solutions are often inadequately protected against this threat. This means that infected websites can quickly become a risk. At CeBIT 2011 G Data will for the first time be presenting G Data CloudSecurity, a free browser plug-in for blocking phishing sites and websites contaminated with malware. The plug-in can be used with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and is compatible with all free anti-virus solutions. G Data CloudSecurity is available from the beginning of April 2011 as a download from the G Data website and in well-known plug-in forums.

"The majority of malware today is distributed via the Internet by cyber-criminals," explains Ralf Benzm├╝ller, Head of G Data SecurityLabs. "Adequate protection that also makes the user's online activities safe is therefore absolutely essential, as otherwise PCs will soon be infected with malware. Free anti-virus solutions cover this source of risk inadequately, or not at all. Therefore G Data CloudSecurity is the ideal enhancement for a free anti-virus solution."

G Data CloudSecurity blocks dangerous websites before they can cause any harm. The plug-in is compatible with any free anti-virus solution. G Data CloudSecurity is ready for use immediately after installation. Updates for the program are not necessary, as the more users use the plug-in, the more data the Cloud gathers on dangerous websites. This makes G Data CloudSecurity even more comprehensive. Users can also report suspicious websites via the plug-in. Experts at G Data SecurityLabs check them and feed the Cloud with data acquired in this manner.

G Data customers are already equipped with effective web protection by using G Data security solutions and therefore do not need to install the plug-in.

Source: http://www.gdatasoftware.co.uk/about-g-data/press-centre/news/news-details/article/1976-protected-by-the-cloud-gdat.html

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