Thursday, March 3, 2011

Revelers Flock to the Streets to Celebrate Carnival

All over the continent, Europeans are celebrating one of the year's biggest events: Carnival. From Germany to Croatia, and at places in-between, party-goers are dressing up and going out. SPIEGEL ONLINE takes a look at some of the continent's Carnival highlights.

Carnival, that annual, crazy event full of parties, parades and music is fully underway in cities across Europe. And while some cities, such as Berlin, have already celebrated with their own Carnival parades, there are plenty of events still on the horizon.

Dating to medieval times, Carnival is celebrated primarily in Catholic countries as a symbolic renewal of life before Lent. In Germany, it is traditionally a much-loved event in the Rhineland cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne. But those who've had enough of chilly German weather can head to sunnier locales in Spain or Italy. Want to keep things cool? Countries like Switzerland and France have their own versions, too.

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