Friday, August 12, 2011

How much connection does a person really need?

From The International Herald Tribune:

How much connection does a person really need?

NEW YORK — When Jessica H. Lawrence left her job with the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council in Redlands, California, to pursue a new life in New York City, she arrived in late January without a job, an apartment or someone to keep her warm through the winter nights.

But in less than six months, she found all three — and all because of Twitter.

The job came after a friend's tweet inspired her to attend NY Tech Meetup, where she applied for a job and became the managing director.

She found her apartment after sending a Twitter message to the founder of the Midnight Brunch supper club. That brought her an invitation and — after she met the owners of the brownstone where the meal was held — the cellar apartment, too.

As for the boyfriend, a founder of the Noble Rot wine club, she discovered him when she began following the Rot's Twitter feed. Next week, they are moving into an apartment in the Williamsburg neighborhood.

''So you can see why I have this undying love for Twitter,'' said Ms. Lawrence, 32. Yet her devotion to one social network is not an act of sentimentality — it is part of a careful strategy for combating social media burnout. In a time when anyone with Internet access is expected to be engaged on multiple networking sites and to keep a day job, Ms. Lawrence decided to focus on a single site rather than spread herself thin among a half-dozen.

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