Saturday, January 31, 2015

Five simple essentials you need for daily grooming

In the past, grooming was a taboo for men. Men are supposed to be rough and tough but sexy at the same time. But how can he gets that?? Well, I guess if we look at the cowboy, of course in picture, he looks perfect. But in real life, I would imagine, if he did not groom, it would sting and would piss any lady away - my assumption. And recently, I read from Tom Ford tips that men does not need any deodorant. Smell is Sexy. I would agree with his fashion statement and appreciate for his talent in design, no question. But what the hell a man without Deodorant. So weird to read that. Well, anyway maybe only his satire tips. A simple daily grooming is essential for modern guy - I mean not to make-up or anything much like lady do. We are men, we have different nature to what is overdo and what is not.

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