Sunday, January 18, 2015

Long Exposure for Night Photography

Night Photography?? Quite easy in nowadays technology. You can grab whatever you have in your hand or pocket, simply said smartphone and it works all the rest what you want to do.  Well, yes it is true if you just want to capture the moment of your travel or any special moment to memorize, it works great for you. But it is not so simple as that when you are a curious hobbyist or amateur or soon-to-be professional photographer in landscape photography. Quite a trick to do the right job you really wants to get. For example, you want to capture during the blue hour, beautiful sunset, star trail or whatever pictures you can imagine of in the matter of less light and pretty dark. Your real eyes are perfect above all but it cannot capture that beautiful moment you want to have. For those who have DSLR, it is important to understand and know well what your gear is. It is advisable that you at least read or review your manual. It is key success in everything you gonna do with your gear. Without this basic understanding it is not so easy to get what you want for the night photography.

To get a clear, pixel transparent in the low light, you need a lot of patient and have basic understanding. Every little movement at night can destroy the whole of your effort. Hand capturing is not recommended for night photography. It will come out blur and shaky image. You cannot really use it unless it is part of your vision or perception of art, which you can convey to your audience differently. 

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Photo Copyright: Seiha Heng

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