Thursday, January 22, 2015

Phnom Penh: Highlights

I am just back in Berlin. The temperature is freezing cold. At night it falls down to -3 degree, very much contrast to my short holiday in Cambodia. Over there, it was almost all the time of my stay over 30 degree. Cambodia has a tropical weather though. The monsoon divides the country into two main seasons, summer and autumn. A short period of winter alike, between Novembers to January, even though not really a winter to westerners, the temperature could fall between 20 and 26 degree. So far I have read and understood from many guidebooks.

With the population of about 2 millions, Phnom Penh could become another congestion city like the neighboring countries in Bangkok, Saigon or Hanoi. Unlike the last 15 years, Phnom Penh was rather a quiet and peaceful city with less traffic and population. There are not many big roads, but full load of loud, horning cars and motorbikes. The traffic accident rate is pretty high. The sidewalk is clearly small and often occupied by the street shops and parking lots. Not really a chance for pedestrians to walk easily.

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Copyright Photo: Seiha Heng

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