Saturday, January 17, 2015

Try Out Local Beer - Danish Brewery - Skovlyst

Well, as I live in Germany –where there are thousands kind of German beer to enjoy and try out. Till now I do not know how many have I tried. But it is not a few, all I can say. I travel a lot around Germany and I try as much as possible to try the local delicacy drink. No matter how bad or good it is. They are on my list. There are very regional, I cannot point out which one is best on top of which but I can have a review of the one - which I have already got. From now on, I will write it down one on one so that maybe it could be something interesting for you who maybe want to try out as I do. However, this first try of beer review will start with a Danish beer. The reason is that I am just back from New Year holiday in Denmark where I spend really in the middle of nowhere in Denmark, as I want to recover from the stressful of the city life. I have found a few beers - which I am writing today. 

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