Sunday, January 18, 2015

What is the meaning of the Sangha in Buddhism?

The meaning of the Sangha
In connection with the Buddhist refuge, the Sangha refers to the community of liberated Bodhisattvas.
However, the Buddhist Sangha is also the community of the companions, friends on the way to enlightenment.
In many cases, the term Sangha is also used to denote a Buddhist group.
The mere theory that all living beings are Buddhas, if they have already recognized it or not, is not enough.
We need meditation that brings this great idea from the head to the heart, so that it can be a comprehensive experience. An experience which can then act as a Buddha-activity into the world.
And we need the Sangha, with which we can train ourselves in this pure view in which we can combine the theory of positive Buddhist ideals and the experience of meditation with the concrete reality.
The primary role of the Sangha in the Diamond Way centers is probably that it gives us access to our Buddha nature.
We come in contact with Buddhist teachings and methods, we see the example of friends who work with their minds and want to achieve the highest human goal, enlightenment for the benefit of living beings.

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