Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Breakfast in Kreuzberg: Charlies Asian Bakery and Coffee

The district of Kreuzberg is famous for a great mixture of international. Pub, club, coffee, bakery, and artist gallery are everywhere. It matches quite well to the Berlin slogan 'Cheap but Chick'. Since my move last year to Berlin, I have been a few times to Kreuzberg but mostly during either football match to my fan pub or evening time for dinner. First time for me at the weekend, Sunday morning for breakfast in Kreuzberg. The street is quite a contrast. It is pretty quiet short before 12pm lunch or brunch time. But look like everyone is in bed and tired of the party night out. Maybe I'm right. I am surprised to see the street is quiet but when you go inside the coffee place, there are crowd of people coming for breakfast.

This time I want to try out a coffee and bakery place recommended by a friend of mine - Charlies - a bakery and coffee place. The nice thing I heard of this place is its sandwich - of course a Vietnamese one. That's why I am here. Well, I try to narrow down my food section here to focus more on Asian and oriental recipe as I find out that there are similar blog in Berlin who already focus on German and european food. So in the coming articles you will see a lot of places in Berlin with Asian menu, middle east,  or African one and of course from time to time European too.

To read more: http://www.mentrendtoday.com/charlies-asian-bakery-and-coffee.html

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