Monday, February 23, 2015

Buddhawerkstatt Tsa Tsa Shop

Sometimes friends and in fact not only Buddhist friends, ask me for recommendations where to buy Buddhist „accessories“ or as a Buddhist would say Dharma items and products. My first choice when answering such questions is the Tsa Tsa Shop of the Buddhawerkstatt in Bochum. In case you around Bochum you can make an appointment to visit them, the shop and the beautiful Stupa they have. And of course they have a reliable online shop which is already fun to visit online and to go through the vast amount of really nice items they have in stock and for sale. Nearly impossible to list and mention here the hundreds of products they offer. A huge choice of Tsa Tsa’s, in fact so far I know the online shop with the biggest choice of Tsa Tsa’s worldwide. Beside this different kind of practice items, many of them already blessed by high Lamas, incense, Tormas, Stupas, special and handmade aprons for Mandala offerings, candles, meditation cushions, Malas, treasure vase, amulets and so much more. From many items they sell a part or even the complete amount is donated to a charity project which is doing a lot of good for the people in chinese occupied Tibet. To bad that the shop is only in German, but they ship internationally and offer a good service, you can contact them by email in English with the items you are interested in and would like to order. They are very helpful and friendly.

Here is the Link to their online shop:

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